The name Je Pleure is French for - I’m Crying. The reasoning behind this name is because the imagery of crying displays many emotions with endless meanings. A name like this helps me portray unlimited thoughts into my work, it helps me create personal, worldly, or made-up feelings in hopes that others will be able to relate. I think that crying is our strongest emotion which is why I like to be as raw as possible.

Je Pleure is currently based in Dunedin, New Zealand. All products are of high quality and are produced ethically. So far Je Pleure has hosted 6 NZ showrooms displaying the latest collections and artwork, with a lot of work that has only been available to the ones who attend. Each showroom has helped me connect one on one with customers & artists as well as the joy of having my own creative space.
I look forward to sharing with you the raw energy that makes Je Pleure what it is.
Yours truly,